We are a goldsmith and custom gift maker and we work in many types of materials in addition to our gold and silver work.  We can create bespoke pieces ranging from fine art paintings and sculptures, to unique functional items.  View the gallery for examples of both jewelry and artworks.

Here you will find descriptions of the core of our work, our jewelry services.


We do full repair and alteration service on site on all types of jewelry and precious items.  Some of what we offer includes ring sizing, clasp replacement and link soldering, mounting adjustments, and stone repairs. We also offer jewelry cleaning and inspections.  We can do some watch repairs and have replacement watch batteries in stock.



An appraisal is an unbiased description and calculation of the value of the item based on the type and weight of the metals, and size and quality of the stones, based on current values.  Appraisals should always be done by an experienced professional in possession of a Graduate Gemologist diploma. Appraisals are available for all custom work, or any other existing jewelry pieces.  Your appraisal will include a detailed description of the piece using trade specific terminology and grading systems, a photo of the item, a record of the materials, and its value.  


Custom Work:

Creating custom pieces and one of a kind designs is our specialty and passion.  We are happy to meet with you in person in our shop to begin the design process, or we can also do email and phone consultations if you are coming to us from out of town.  Please keep in mind that the design process can take some time; many hours of work are spent creating custom jewelry/items and we want to ensure that the design is perfect and the work is up to our high standard.  

If you are thinking about having a custom piece made, it can be helpful to first do some personal research to identify styles or textures that appeal to you.  You are welcome to bring photos or existing pieces in to your consultation to help guide the design of your item.  We are able to reuse any existing gold, silver, or gems you may have in creating the new piece.  Reusing metal also helps reduce the materials cost to you, as you do not have to purchase new gold or silver.  

Once the design is finalized, if you supply the materials no deposit is needed to go ahead with the project, otherwise a deposit of up to 50% will be required to begin.